The Rialto Project leverages our reach into the township and rural communities of South Africa to identify deserving talented children and help give them access to world-class education opportunities available through our partner schools all funded by our corporate sponsors.

The Rialto Project is built around the following core capabilities:

National reach

Capital Land Asset Management and Futuregrowth Asset Management together manage the Futuregrowth Community Property Fund, one of the largest portfolios of township and rural retail shopping centres in South Africa. Our operations on the ground give us unrivalled access to many of the poorest and under-serviced communities in the country.

This geographic reach enables us to source and identify deserving candidates who would not ordinarily have access to quality secondary and tertiary education opportunities available in many cities and towns across South Africa.

Our objective is to bridge this gap so we can change the lives of individuals, families and communities through education.

Established relationships

We have been working in these underprivileged communities for many years implementing and managing a range of community upliftment programmes. Several of these programmes are in the field of educational support. Through this work, we have established ongoing relationships with schools in rural and township locations. Many of these schools have identified suitable candidates who are deserving of support.

We have also established relationships with leading schools in metropolitan areas that are looking for suitable candidates to support. We are currently working with leading schools in the Western Cape.

By bridging the divide between these opposite ends of the educational spectrum, we aim to identify and place deserving candidates in life-changing educational facilities.

Committed support

Our programme provides committed support from the candidate’s placement to the completion of high school, into tertiary education and, ultimately, the workplace. We have established structures to provide continued engagement with our students to provide support throughout the education experience.

Continuous mentorship

A key part of our programme is the establishment of mentorship structures for each student. Our mentors maintain close personal contact ensuring that our students have continual support and guidance throughout their education. Our mentors also maintain close relationships with the staff at participating schools to ensure that our students’ welfare and other requirements are properly looked after.