Lawhill Maritime Centre

Simon’s Town School’s Lawhill Maritime Centre began as a pilot programme in 1995. The aim of the programme was to support job creation and employment in South Africa by providing 15 to 18-year-old students with maritime-related knowledge and skills while they were still at school, thereby increasing their prospects for post-school employment or admission to maritime-related courses at tertiary institutions.

The programme – which involved members of industry, Safmarine, educationalists and Simon’s Town School – aimed to stimulate maritime awareness among young people, attract them to the shipping industry and provide the industry with high quality, skilled and knowledgeable employees.

Since its inception, more than 300 young South Africans have passed through the Lawhill programme, many of them pursuing successful careers in the maritime industry, both ashore and at sea, while others have gone on to make their mark in other industries.

Because the Lawhill Maritime Centre receives no state funding, its students – the majority of who come from financially-stressed homes – are reliant on bursaries provided by maritime and related industries to fund their education from Grade 10 to 12.

Investing in a future maritime generation since 1995

South African College High School (SACS)

Founded in 1829, SACS is the oldest high school in South Africa situated in a magnificent setting at the foot of Table Mountain and Devil’s Peak. The school prides itself on providing a balanced education, the world-class facilities on offer, the fact that SACS men strive for excellence in all spheres of school life, and that it places a strong emphasis on high moral values.

One of only four schools world-wide privileged enough to possess its own Rhodes scholarship, SACS has attracted itself to learners possessing the calibre, academically, culturally and in the sporting sphere to qualify for consideration for this prestigious award.

Spectemur agendo

Rondebosch Boys’ High School

The Rondebosch High School for Boys was established in 1897 and today encompasses a high, junior and pre-school.

The continual development of the extensive school and boarding buildings and expansive fields and grounds has been overseen by successive prep and high school Headmasters, parent committees and governors. Many of these facilities were funded by ‘old boys’, who continue to support Rondebosch through the Old Boys’ Union.

Rondebosch Boys’ Schools are committed to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of education embracing academic, cultural and sporting endeavours, diversity, and a sense of service to one’s community, spiritual worth and tradition.

Altius et Latius

Nico Malan High School

With roots tracing back to the 1850s, in 1960 the institution opened its doors as Nico Malan High School, named after the politician and later administrator of the Cape.

The school has undergone an almost continuous process of improvement with new facilities added, such as a swimming pool, bigger school hall, administrative offices, laboratories and classrooms.

The school harks back to traditional values, encouraging learners: to be loyal and worthy citizens with Christian values who will benefit the community; to develop a work ethic so they reach their potential; participate in sport; respect the culture of others; and play an important role in the community.

Respect. Honesty. Fairness. Friendliness.