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Joshua Mbana

School: Past Scholar - Simon’s Town Lawhill Maritime Centre, 2018 - 2020

Currently: CH Logistics, Cape Town

Joshua Mbana started at Simon’s Town High School Lawhill Maritime Centre (“Lawhill”) at the beginning of his Grade 10 year in 2018. Joshua is originally from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape.

‘I knew very little about career prospects in anything to do with the sea, but when I did some research I was amazed at the breadth and scope of opportunities,’ says Josh. ‘I have three older brothers who all completed their education at Muir College. The move to boarding school away from home made me grow up, and at the same time, I formed fantastic friendships. I also participated in sports that I would never have if I wasn’t at Lawhill – rowing was my main sport.’

‘Many of my Port Elizabeth friends did not believe that I would make the move to Cape Town. I still laugh when they tell me how surprised they were. It’s about taking opportunities when they arise; I owe that opportunity to the Rialto Project for having faith in me,’ concludes Josh.

Joshua matriculated at the end of 2020 and he was accepted to the  Mediterranean Shipping Company Learnership Programme, a three year programme based in Cape Town. Joshua completed the learnership programme in April 2024 and has joined CH Logistics, a privately owned logistics company based in South Africa that specialises in the large-scale transportation of perishable cargo and dry goods by land sea.

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